Washington DC Medical Marijuana Laws

Washington DC Medical Marijuana Laws

Washington DC weed laws were accepted in 2010, and since that time, the Department of Health of the district has been in charge of the local medical marijuana program. Just like in California, it is extremely easy to obtain medical marijuana in the District of Columbia. This explains the soaring amount of legally registered patients for the marijuana program. The residents of the district had not supported the legalization of medical marijuana until in 1998, the ballot initiative for creating a medical marijuana program was passed. However, because of the efforts of Republicans, the law was banned until 2009. The first dispensary of the district was opened only in 2013. Initially, the program had a very strict character, and the list of qualifying conditions was extremely short. In January 2015, the program underwent some modification, so that the patients with more debilitating conditions were allowed to use medical marijuana. Since this program expansion, the cannabis industry of the district has been booming.

How to become a legal user of medical marijuana?

The only requirement for becoming a medical marijuana patient is having one of the qualifying medical conditions. Your primary physician gives you a recommendation stating that your disease must be treated with medical marijuana. By the way, unlike Arizona, the District of Columbia does not have a specific list of qualifying medical conditions, so it is up to your doctor to decide whether you may be treated with marijuana. In case you have a debilitating condition, the doctor has no right to reject your request.

Weed dispensaries in D.C.

The first marijuana dispensary appeared in D.C. three years ago. Today, there are five active dispensaries. More than that, both profit and non-profit organizations have the right to create a dispensary and grow up to 500 plants on site. Unlike other states, Washington D.C. still has no delivery services because of financial difficulties and a small number of marijuana consumers.

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