Victims of Illinois tornado aided by medical marijuana growing business

Victims of Illinois tornado aided by medical marijuana growing business

Last week’s devastating tornado, roaming in central Illinois, ended up hitting a small town of Cameron, a community of nearly 600 residents. Thankfully, no deaths of serious injuries were documented after the incident, but the disaster touched almost every building in town, leaving people with no place to sleep. The town mayor reports 50 homes damaged, with nine completely uninhabitable. The tornado’s wind speeds reached 120 mph, and took down trees, garages and gravestones on its path. The National Weather Service rated its strength as EF2, a significant tornado on a scale that goes from EF0 to EF5.

The aid came from an unexpected source – Tim McGraw, owner and CEO of the medical marijuana growing facility in neighboring Delavan, has paid for hotel rooms in the city to offer temporary accommodation to the tornado victims. McGraw’s Revolution Enterprises was one of the first businesses to cultivate medical marijuana after its legalization in late May.

According to Liz Skinner, the mayor of Delavan, currently they are accommodating over 60 people at a city hotel, with living bills fully covered by Revolution Enterprises. ‘Cameron lies completely devastated at the moment’, Skinner said, ‘although many houses have been mildly damaged, the infrastructure is twisted. But people manage to keep their spirits up thanks to shelter generously provided’. The mayor added that the tornado victims are appreciative for the support of Revolution Enterprises top management.

The 75,000 square-foot marijuana production facility, located just between Delavan and Cameron, managed to evade the tornado, and later reported that the disaster will have no influence on harvesting schedule. Revolution Enterprises grows cannabis under lights inside a locked, environment-controlled greenhouse premises. With cultivation season starting in mid-June, the company expects to gather first crops from fast growing marijuana strains in early October.

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