Useful Tips on When to Harvest Marijuana

Useful Tips on When to Harvest Marijuana

Growing cannabis indoors from seeds is the process that requires a lot of calmness and patience but in fact provides you with a rewarding experience and unbelievable pleasure from nurturing a plant from a small seed to profitable harvest. Growing cannabis requires a fighting start, that is why in order to harvest a good yield, you should choose the right seeds. We will help you find the seeds that will work best in your situation and teach you the basics of growing weed.

Female vs. Male seeds: do they give the same yield?

Cannabis produces seeds after the female plant is pollinated by the male plant. The buds you smoke and vaporize are usually the seedless and not pollinated  flowers called “sensimillia,” which means “without seed.” In contrast to male plants, the female ones produce a larger amount of resin, that is why only the buds of female flowers are used for cultivating.

How not to screw up when selecting seeds

Today, thanks to curious breeders, marijuana is such a diverse plant that it is quite possible to find the fast-growing strains—the ones that are suitable for outdoor growing and provide a huge harvest from indoor growing. The best choice for indoor marijuana growing are short indica plants with developed root systems. If you want to grow plants of a manageable size but with a sativa-like high, choose the hybrid strains. Before buying dozens of different strains, do a little research to find the best weed type for you and to avoid the undesired waste of money on seeds that will only create difficulties.

How to distinguish good seeds from spoiled ones

To define the quality of seeds before you buy them, pay attention to the following criteria:

1. Color: Avoid seeds with a pale or green husk. Good seeds should be dark brown with drop-shaped stripes or spots of brown shades.
2. Size: Indica seeds are significantly larger than sativa seeds, plus the former have a distinct striping.
3. Hardness: The outer shell of all marijuana seeds is hard. Soft or damaged seeds have to be thrown away immediately.

You can get seeds at any local dispensary (if you live in the state where weed is legalized), or turn to online seed banks that have a delivery option.

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