Useful Cannabis: How to Consume It to Improve Your Health

Useful Cannabis: How to Consume It to Improve Your Health

Cannabis has always been associated with something forbidden and extremely unhealthy. But recent scientific studies have demonstrated the world how this plant can be useful to us. It can help overcome horrible chronic pains and many other medical conditions that cannot be treated by means of traditional medicine. In 2015, the National Cancer Institute discovered that cannabis could be considered as an alternative for chemotherapy!

Obviously, doctors admit that medical features of cannabis are very powerful. In many countries, cannabis has already turned from a simple narcotic substance to a miracle cure. For instance, the law of such states as Oregon, Washington, and Colorado in the U.S. allows to purchase and consume medical marijuana. You can buy it only with a medical cannabis recommendation letter or a special cannabis card from your doctor.

Of course, there are many ways to consume this green miracle. This short guide will get you acquainted with the two most widespread ways to do it and with their benefits and shortcomings.

Smoke it

Everything is more than easy. Just take some cannabis flowers (dried) and put them into a bong or pipe or roll them into a piece of paper. Then, use your lighter to make flowers combust. Your main task will be to inhale the smoke lightly. Holding the cannabis smoke in your lungs for a long time can lead to coughing fits, so do not forget to exhale.


1. Affordable
2. Does not require long preparations
3. Easy to control the dosage
4. Guarantees instant relief


1. Harm to your lungs
2. Bad smell on your clothes after smoking

Eat it

About thirty years ago, marijuana edibles tasted awful and looked unappetizing, but consumers liked them because of the great THC dose. Nowadays, it is possible to find delicious medical cannabis chocolate, hard candy, popcorn, ice-cream, and many other sweets. They are so yummy that it is impossible to taste the cannabis content.


1. Not an instant, but a long-lasting effect
2. Suitable for those who cannot inhale medications (for example, asthmatics)
3. Delicious and rich in nutrients
4. Reliable source can guarantee a very precise dosage


1. Relief can come within a couple of hours
2. Should be hidden from pets and children not to cause indigestion
3. Dosage should be calculated carefully to avoid intoxication or overdosing

These two ways are the easiest and the most popular, but people also experiment with medical cannabis tea, tinctures, sublingual sprays, patches, and even suppositories. Doctors always prescribe the type of remedy that suits you best. So, forget about prejudice and let Dr. Cannabis help you!

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