Trump presidency and cannabis: what would that mean for Americans?

Trump presidency and cannabis: what would that mean for Americans?

The 2016 presidential election could change the future of cannabis in the United States, and every candidate from both parties has his own view on the issue. Some of them are opponents of marijuana legalization, but at the same time there are a lot of pro-cannabis and even neutral candidates.

One of the most extraordinary ones, presidential candidate Donald Trump, is currently polling second among Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, Iowa, and nationally. He has never held a public office, his political role is obscure, his comments about Mexican immigrants have cost him his business. So what does this man think about cannabis?

In 1990, making a speech to a Florida audience, Trump was a cannabis supporter. According to him, legalization of marijuana will end the War on Drugs, because the prohibition, as he thought at that time, does not work. However, after a while, he has disavowed his position and said, that he would only allow cannabis for medical purposes.

Trump did not always think this way. Today the famous businessman has changed his tune on marijuana. In a recent interview Trump have stated that legal cannabis was a really bad idea and that Colorado has a lot of big problems. Nobody knows what problems did he mean exactly. The extra revenue? The abundance of new jobs?

Of course, he has stated that he is not against the use of medical marijuana, but, on the other hand, his real position is not so unclear, as well as his further steps toward improving federal law regarding medical cannabis. Or maybe he would stick with a states right approach. It is possible that Trump is playing to a primary audience and is more socially liberal than he is letting on. However, it seems unlikely that Donald Trump will reform American drugs laws.

We all know that his claims have generally been promotional brand extensions as long as they were good for his business. But what about the political statements?

Clearly, the cannabis question under hypothetical Trump presidency is still open.

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