Cannabis enthusiasts judge the quality of marijuana in two phases. The first one is the initial evaluation, which consists of touching, smelling, and looking at it with the naked eye. The second phase is the actual smoking or any other way of consuming cannabis, when you taste it, smell it, and finally experience its effects. Together, these two phases comprise full inspection of marijuana’s quality. And every experienced marijuana smoker can tell you that one of its main criterion is the amount and density of trichomes on weed. However, let us explore all signs of high-quality marijuana buds.


Marijuana trichomes are what cannabis consumers call the “sparkling crystals” that coat the marijuana buds. More than that, trichomes are claimed to be the main indicator of when to harvest cannabis plants. Trichomes are also the ones responsible for weed’s stickiness. If studied under the microscope, they look like tiny mushrooms, but in them lies the great power of marijuana. The trichomes should mostly also appear milky white, but about 30% of them must be of amber color. The more brown or amber marijuana trichomes are, the more time cannabis plant was given to mature, and the stronger the effects of the plant will be.


The second indicator you should consider when defining the quality of marijuana is the aroma. Marijuana contains more than 200 terpens and terpenoids—the compounds that actually create the flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant. Citrus, pine, grape, and diesel scents say that the buds are perfect, while the smell of hay has to be avoided. Marijuana plants that have a lingering aroma are worth to be looked at more closely.


As you know, the color of the marijuana plant vary from mint green to almost black. In most cases, the color indicates genetics, but sometimes it can reflect the growing conditions. Anyway,the color of marijuana should always be even and vibrant. Keep away from the plants with gray spots.


High-quality marijuana should never be dry. Instead, it has to be sticky and a bit moist. Marijuana that is too dry will bring you a harsh smoking experience.

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