Treat cannabis like alcohol

Treat cannabis like alcohol

For what did we vote for, and what did we get? The truth is that a lot of people are upset because of the fact that the Anchorage Assembly does not respect the rights of the voters. And it is all due to the new “open container” requirement, according to which legal marijuana cannot be transported in the vehicle’s passenger compartment, and should be located in the trunk, while alcohol may be carried inside the car, if the seal is not broken. In this way, law ensures that alcohol is not being consumed by the driver. Open containers should be stored in the trunk or in a closed glove compartment.

Unfortunately, mankind does not know other ways that would determine whether legal marijuana is used by the driver. Oh wait, actually there is one. Unburnt marijuana, it is just that—marijuana, which is not being consumed. I think that the government should identify burnt marijuana as “open container” and treat it like alcohol. There is a big difference in smell between burnt and unburnt marijuana that can be easily identified. In any case, unlighted joint or unopened package of cannabis should be considered the same thing as an unopened bottle of whiskey or other alcohol.

Very often, when policymakers do not like a law, and they cannot cancel or change it, they pass restrictions that are intended to prohibit the activity permitted by the law that they do not like. A good example is Texas, passing restrictions on abortion clinics, which led to their closure; later the law was lifted by the court. If politicians cannot change the law, they are trying to counteract it. Mayor Berkowitz must stop such acts and advise Assembly to pass an ordinance that will respect the rights and the will of the voters to consume legalized cannabis.

Anchorage residents believe that the legislators and Anchorage Assembly members who do not support legal cannabis should respect the voters and their choice. Restrictive laws against marijuana and business associated with it are designed to impair the rights of people. As a side note—in a liquor store you were never limited with the quantity of alcohol you wanted to buy. Treat marijuana like alcohol!

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