Top three portable vaporizers for dry weed

Top three portable vaporizers for dry weed

You can read many of articles about best portable vaporizers, but most of them help you not only to choose the best of the best, but also to save money. But what if you are in the mood to spend a  fortune just to get a really ideal device? Then you will find our review extremely useful.

And one more thing, here we are talking only about traditional portable vaporizers, the ones you use for dry herb. Pen vapes deserve their own list and rating, so this time we will concentrate only on one type.

Storz & Bickel: “The Crafty” vaporizer

For $339 you can get an awesome vaporize that is prefect in every way. Like all the production of  Storz & Bickel, it is a high quality device, it is solid and feels sturdy in hands, and it is almost impossible to break it unless you do it on purpose. And even if it happens, the Crafty has a two-year warranty.

The coolest thing is that you control the Crafty vaporizer via a mobile application. The battery works for 45 minutes and it takes around two hours to recharge.

Storz & Bickel: “The Mighty” vaporizer

The Mighty vaporizer has certain pluses and minuses compared to the more recent model “The Crafty”. It is a bit more massive, so you cannot simply put it into your pocket as the Crafty. It does not have a mobile application, the temperature control is located right on the device. Well, you cannot consider that as a plus or a minus, it is just a matter of preferences. On the other side, the battery life is longer and this is a tangible benefit. Like all the Storz & Bickel production, the Mighty is reliable and is worth every cent. The price is $339.

The Arizer Air

You may remember the Solo vaporizer that was considered as the best of its kind for a very long time. Well, the Air belongs to the same company as the Solo, the Arizer, so the high quality is guaranteed. The difference is only in portability. The Air is smaller, more elegant in its design and sits firmly in the hand. You can choose one of the five temperature settings. Apart from that, the Arizer Air can surprise you with a replaceable battery that holds the energy for quite long. The price is $269.99 but you can also find it on sale for a much less amount of money.

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