Top 6: Best Sativa Strains

Top 6: Best Sativa Strains

Sativa is known for its psychoactive properties that ensure an impressive cerebral high. The effects of a typical sativa plant are usually stimulating and activating, especially if you use pure sativa. In contrast, indica strains have a completely different effect that provides deep relaxation and makes the whole body stoned. Here are six sativa strains you should get acquainted with before you go to the dispensary next time:

1. Sour Diesel

This strain cannot be confused with any another sativa strain as it has typical dark green buds with long orange hairs. Besides, Sour Diesel is exceptionally frosty. The strain has received its name for the unmistakable diesel aroma that is combined with earthy overtones. You may also notice a light citrus aroma. The relaxing and calming effects of Sour Diesel will delight any smoker. Get this strain now and enjoy the mellow high it provides.

2. Blue Dream

A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Mr. Nice’s Super Silver Haze, Blue Dream is an awesome sativa-dominant hybrid. Its soothing effects may come in handy anytime, so it would be smart to always keep Blue Dream around.

3. White Widow

The White Widow strain is also a cross of sativa and indica strains, which takes its origin in the early 90’s in Amsterdam. It is extremely easy to distinguish the White Widow strain from others due the typical coat of white crystals on its buds.

4. Super Silver Haze

If you are looking for a killing sativa strain, then here it is—Super Silver Haze, the strain from the North that has won three High Times Cannabis Cups since 1997. You should definitely try this hazy strain full of skunky ancestry.

5. Jack Herer

This widely known sativa-dominant strain is named after a beloved cannabis activist, Jack Herer. The strain delivers a potent, clear-headed high and provides the smoker with a powerful energy charge.

6. Purple Haze

This strain has probably got its name from the song of Jimi Hendrix, who was a true marijuana enthusiast. Purple Haze is a cross of Purple Thai and Haze, both sativas. The mix of earthy and sweet flavors together with berry notes will take your breath away right from the first hit. The Purple Haze is perfect for smoking in the daytime as it delivers lots of energy and invokes creativity.

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