Top 5 Strains That Promote Your Activity

Top 5 Strains That Promote Your Activity

Cannabis has gained wide popularity due to its sedative and relaxing effect. However, marijuana has a couple of more benefits you might not know about: it enhances the productivity and stimulates the work of the brain. If you want to know more, here is a list of 5 marijuana strains that will help you stay focused and active throughout the day.

Green Crack

This sativa strain is a new hit on the cannabis market. Marijuana enthusiasts often use it to manage fatigue as the strain has an amazing ability to promote focus. The pure tropical aroma and taste are perfectly suited for daytime use. Experience the burst of uplift and motivation without any brain fog  that many other marijuana strains may bring you.

Lemon Sour Diesel

This sativa-dominant strain is highly respected by many members of the marijuana community. Being an insane cross of the widely popular California Sour and Lost Coast OF, the strain strikes with its intense lemon flavor and a diesel aftertaste after the exhale. The fragrant hint of spice makes the Lemon Sour Diesel strain really special. Smokers consider this strain an incredible treatment for different chronic illnesses. The intense cerebral effect provides a mellow body buzz, while the immediate uplift makes you focused.


Start your every day with the Grapefruit strain, and you will notice your life changing. The invigorating high will take your stress and bad mood away together with the chronic pain. As you can probably guess, the strain has an elegant flavor that reminds you of a rich bouquet of sweet grapefruit. The Grapefruit strain is what will carry you through your everyday routine.


Are you one of those tokers who are fond of strains with a deep and complicated flavor? Then Chocolope will make a revolution in your mind. The perfect combination of coffee, chocolate, and earthy flavor will replace your morning coffee and bring an even greater uplifting effect!

Purple Diesel

The most popular hybrid strain Purple Diesel provides the smokers with the classic effects of sativas together with the pain-reducing benefits of indicas. The dose of motivation and creativity is what you need so much!

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