Top 3 Most Potent Indica Strains

Top 3 Most Potent Indica Strains

There is a long list of strongest indica strains that provide a feeling of relaxation and calmness. But how can we know which ones are the most potent and which we should buy next? Keep reading and you will get the answer.

Liquid Butter

Do you think that it is some kind of cannabis-infused edibles? Well, you are absolutely wrong. Liquid Butter is probably one of the most potent indica strains that will bring you to the seventh heaven. Besides, it can give you both strong body and mind buzz. The content of THC in the strain is approximately 26%, but in some cases, it can reach even 29%. If you found 29% THC buds, make sure you get a proper dose, as the buzz is extremely heavy and couch-locking. We consider you try Liquid Butter at least because its taste is unbelievable—the mix of sweet popcorn and butter. The smell of greens and pine will immediately take you away. So, once you see Liquid Butter on the counter,do not hesitate and buy it!

LA Confidential

This strain is very popular in the Golden State. The LA Confidential weed strain has not only an exquisite look but also a delicious taste. The strain’s buds are frosty with trichomes and have specific small purple leaves. You will 100% buy this strain only for its elegant look! The effects provided by LA Confidential are both euphoric and relaxing. People with severe pain usually use it as an effective painkiller. The earthy flavor of the strain combines perfectly with its fragrant aroma.

Death Star

The Death Star strain is not strong enough to destroy the entire Galaxy, and it will not kill you, as well. But this strain definitely will knock you out for some time if you are not careful enough with the dosage. Death Star has an impressively high level of THC—26%. You can consume Death Star at daytime, but we recommend you to use it in the evening so that you will not fall off the radar when you are at work. Despite having such a dark name, the strain will give you the best and colorful sleep you have ever had. The strain’s smell and flavor will satisfy you as much as its strong effects.

These were only the three high-potent indica strains we consider you should try but it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

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