Top 3 High-CBD Strains

Top 3 High-CBD Strains

We have carefully examined the world of cannabis to handpick three most potent CBD strains. Over the last year, the demand for CBD seeds has significantly increased, and it is clear why: scientists report more and more studies that show that CBD has a great therapeutic potential. All seed banks in the world could not ignore this fact and are now making efforts to produce more strains with CBD content. We have created a list of most potent and effective CBD strains of 2016. Keep reading to check them out!

Did you know?

Obviously, CBD strains have been bred to have a high content of CBD, the amount of which is either equal or bigger than that of THC. This is what differentiates CBD stains and CBD oil. CBD strains contain a lot of CBD but still have a significant amount of THC in their content. CBD oil, in contrast, has no THC in its content and never causes the high feeling. The strain is considered potent if the CBD level is 4% and more.  

1. CBD Therapy

There is no doubt that the highest CBD strain of 2016 is CBD Crew. So what makes this strain so special? Well, this is the first CBD strain in the world that has achieved the THC/CBD ratio of 1:20+. CBD Crew is a hybrid strain that generates the harvest of up to 500g/m2 in a maximum of 63 days of flowering. The taste of the strain’s buds is both sweet and earthy—teasing your sensations but not overwhelming you.

2. Super Silver Haze (CBD)

The strain was designed by the Greenhouse Seeds by mixing a widely known Super Silver Haze with a secret CBD parent. The flavor of the strain will impress you with its citrus taste and a mellow aftertaste. Super Silver Haze has reached the ratio of CBD/THC close to 1:1 with the significant content of both cannabinoids—almost 14%. As the strain belongs to the sativa type, SSH guarantees a pleasant, light cerebral high. The expected time of flowering is up to 12 weeks, after which you get a yield of up to 800g/m2. Impressive, right?

3. CBD Bomb

It has taken over three years to create the strain with a sharp citrus flavor and a yield of almost 450 g/m2. CBD Bomb is a great mind and body relaxant. In the right hands, the potency of the strain can be easily doubled.

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