Tips for Rolling Joints Like a Pro

Tips for Rolling Joints Like a Pro

Have no idea how to smoke a joint right? Want to learn to roll it like a professional and find out how much weed to put in a joint? Sure you do. Below you can find five essentials you should follow to begin rolling joints like a true stoner.

1. Crush weed as much as you can

After you have prepared weed for a joint, crush it without feeling sorry. The smaller your weed is, the better smoking experience you will get. If you do this part of rolling a joint in a rush, be ready to receive a poor joint in the end. Large chunks will rip your paper and make the roll uneven. When you break weed down properly into small fine pieces, your joint will literally roll itself. Typical joints may contain from 0.4 to 1.5 grams of weed.

2. Patience, my friend

The desire to smoke weed from a joint is really strong, but remember that patience is the key to success. Rushing the process will cause a mess, so keep calm and take your time. As soon as you have focused on the task, the process will feel like a breeze.

3. Use a roach

What is a roach? It is a rolled piece of cardboard that is placed at the end of your joint to prevent the sealing of the joint’s end. When you smoke a joint, it usually happens that the end becomes wet and sticks shut, so it is very hard to smoke it. To avoid the unpleasant experience and keep the joint free for the flow of smoke, use a roach.

4. Cones for a longer experience

Just like roaches, cones help limit the amount of released smoke at one time. What does it mean? Your joint will burn more slowly, and you will have more time to enjoy it. Moreover, you will not waste a lot of marijuana. Cones are also used to prevent the marijuana from falling out of the joint.

5. Double up

It happens so that the process of rolling a joint sometimes includes holes in the paper, which rips when the weed was broken down improperly. When facing this problem, you have two ways of solving it. You can start it over or re-wrap the joint using a second sheet of rolling paper. The second variant is much better, as you will not lose a part of weed. Besides, joints wrapped in two rolling papers burn slower, so the pleasure you will get will be longer.

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