Tim Farron: “The War on Drugs Is Over”

Tim Farron: “The War on Drugs Is Over”

With the number of states with legalized marijuana growing within the U.S., more and more countries are considering the possibility of changing their cannabis policy. In the UK, for instance, marijuana remains illegal, yet some of the politicians are starting to speak openly about the need for making the drug legal and accessible for those who may require it for medicinal purposes. A number of activists, however, want to go further and legalize recreational cannabis as well. Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, appeared to be among these activists.

Lib Dem fights for marijuana legalization

Regardless of the fact that the Lib Dem lost 49 of their 57 MPs in the Parliament, the party keeps fighting for what they think is best for the country. One of the main focuses of the party appears to be turned to the problem of marijuana regulation. The Liberal Democrats are already fighting for making medical marijuana accessible for those patients who may benefit from using it. Last fall, the party that currently has only eight MPs left, initiated the creation of an expert panel meant to examine the way a legal cannabis market may affect the UK.

The panel appointed by the Lib Dem used the experience of Washington and Colorado, where cannabis was legalized back in 2012, as the basic data for its research. Along with the American experience of dealing with legalized cannabis, the experts from the panel analyzed data from the pilot scheme of marijuana decriminalization used in Lambeth.

The panel discovered that if legalized, marijuana market may save the country about £1 billion (about $1.5 billion) a year. The sum includes about £300 million (over $435 million) saved in the criminal justice system, and nearly £900 million (about $1.3 billion) in taxes.

Tim Farron has also confessed that he believes “the war on drugs is over.”

Thousands of people in the UK are suffering.

One more Liberal Democrat who is also acting as a marijuana advocate is Nick Clegg—the former leader of the Lib Dem party, and the former Deputy Prime Minister. He is one of the most active supporters of the campaign called to make medical cannabis available across the UK.

In his recent post on Twitter, Clegg says that thousands of people are suffering because they have no access to legal medical marijuana.

The activists who started the campaign claim that about a million people in the UK use marijuana for medical purposes. The drug helps them deal with chronic pain, seizures, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms of their diseases or side effects of the traditional treatment they receive.

Marijuana is believed to be an effective treatment for several life-threatening diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, etc. In the UK, the usage of the drug remains outlawed, so people who need cannabis to manage their pain and illness are forced to use cannabis products illegally.

The activists want to collect enough signatures so that the problem of medical marijuana legalization in the UK is debated in the Parliament. They want the ministers to consider the experience of those European countries and American states that have already allowed using marijuana as an alternative treatment for patients with painful and chronic conditions.

To find out how exactly cannabis may help you manage chronic pain or even cure cancer, read one of our previous articles or simply watch the video below.

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