Three Reasons Why Sportsmen Prefer Weed to Alcohol

Three Reasons Why Sportsmen Prefer Weed to Alcohol

Athletes work extremely hard, that is why they need to play even harder. Like common people, they want to relax after the exhausting training and intense competitions. To overcome emotional pressure, anxiety, and insomnia, some sportsmen consume alcohol, but this idea leaves much to be desired. Our good old friend Mr. Cannabis can help any athlete cope with these problems without any unpleasant side-effects. Here are three arguments that will explain why every successful sportsman should learn what spliff is.

Reason #1: No morning hangover routine

Ross Rebagliati, a famous Canadian snowboarder and an Olympic medalist, once shared his opinion on cannabis in sports with journalists. He is sure that weed can expedite body recovery after training or injuries. Moreover, it helps you keep calm and relaxed in a deeper way than whiskey does, for example.

Sportsmen usually avoid drinking alcohol because of the hangover syndromes early in the morning. But after a regular smoking session, you will be full of energy in the morning (of course, not after 3 hours of sleeping). Ross thinks that a nice blunt or joint can provide an athlete with careless sweet dreams and prepare them for new records.

Reason #2: It makes your mind totally free

With pot in their lives, athletes do not experience panic attacks, fears, or anxiety. According to the experience of the famous marathoner Avery Collins, it opens your mind and inspires you. By the way, this sportsman is renowned for his incredible races under the high effect. Avery claims that cannabis did not enhance his physical abilities, it just revealed his mental power.

Reason #3: It allows your body to recover

Many athletes are crazy overachievers and perfectionists. After many hours of training, they are not usually satisfied with the results, and even heavy injuries and pains do not stop them. For such sportsmen, there are a couple of indica strains that will make them lie on the sofa and recover. Deeper sleep and the amazing feeling of complete relaxation of muscles and mind are guaranteed. Some experienced coaches prescribe these green doctors to their athletes before important championships.

Obviously, Collins and Rebagliati are trying to break our stereotypes about the sports lifestyle. They predict that in ten years, cannabis will be integrated into all aspects of living completely. Many modern consumers are not aware of dosing and levels of tolerance, that is why troubles happen. Collins is sure that only by educating people about cannabis we can get rid of prejudices, and many sportsmen will get a chance to use its benefits.

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