Three athletes who told about their relationships with weed

Three athletes who told about their relationships with weed

1. Ricky Williams—Football

Ricky Williams a former professional football player who is now a running backs coach at the University of San Antonio. It worth noting that he had quite a long relationship with marijuana, which caused many problems in the NFL and many rumors in the media. Throughout his career he had a lot of violations. The situation became critical when the drug test for marijuana were positive 3 times in 2006. Then he was suspended from the NFL and a year he had played for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL.

At that time, his coaches and his teammates were stunned and the journalists showered him with questions. He only said that he got high when should not have. He did not stop to use marijuana, though. In 2013 a journalist asked Williams whether marijuana helped him to achieve his full potential, but Ricky said that marijuana is more like the spinach for Popeye.

2. Bill “Yankee Killer” Lee—Baseball

This famous left-handed pitcher also was known as the “Spaceman”. In the 60’s he was the face of the Boston baseball, even today he boasts that when he comes to Boston he does not have pay for his drinks. Spaceman’s life wasn’t easy; he had a lot of problems with Commissioner Bowie Kuhn for his point of view on marijuana. Once he told the journalists that he sprinkled his pancakes with marijuana and after that Kuhn took him of his Christmas list.

He is an honest person and people love him for that. Once in an interview he said that he supports mandatory drug testing, but also added that in the 60’s he tested almost everything.

3. Matt Riddle—MMA

This great fighter also smokes marijuana. In 2013 his test results were positive. This was his second failed drug test for marijuana. Riddle, who has Nevada’s medical marijuana certificate, was knocked out by UFC’s actions. The athlete believes that he had no other choice; if doctors prescribed him medicine he was obliged to take it because he did not want to take drugs or testosterone.

In one of his interviews, he said, “It bothers me, I have no idea why, but UFC hates people who smoke cannabis and the entire MMA industry does not like people who smoke cannabis. But I do what I have to do, I smoke cannabis and fight. I’m very sorry that I was fired over marijuana, but if you were in my shoes or lived with me you would understand why I have to smoke weed.”

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