This Is How I Roll: What Are Spliffs, Blunts, and Joints

This Is How I Roll: What Are Spliffs, Blunts, and Joints

Latest health trends are drawing more and more people towards vaporization, and everyone seems to have forgotten about the basics of marijuana consumption. Not that we are against vaporization, but sometimes it is better (and much easier!) to turn to the reliable traditional methods. There are basically three ways of rolling marijuana depending on their content (whether it is only marijuana or marijuana plus tobacco) and paper material. Now, let us shed some light on this topic and explain to you what are spliffs, blunts, and joints.

The first difference lies in the content. Joints and blunts contain only marijuana, whereas spliffs also include tobacco. Another distinctive feature is the paper used in the roll. Blunts are rolled in tobacco paper, which is thicker and darker, while joints are rolled in light, nearly translucent paper. Spliffs are also rolled in light paper like joints, but they often include a small paper filter (crutch). It is needed to add stability to your roll and let you enjoy each centimeter of it without burning your hands.

As well as the content and material differences, the experience you get differs too. Tobacco, when included in spliffs, works somewhat similar to coffee—it provides you with an energy boost and a head rush. So if you have some cardiovascular problems, such as a heart acceleration after a cup of coffee, for example, you should be careful with this one. Including tobacco in your cigarette does the same to your body. Blunts are considered to be the heaviest hitters due to a close interaction between tobacco paper and marijuana. However, the effect is mainly relaxing, you may even fall asleep.

The popularity of these three types varies globally, reflecting the traditional consumption culture.  For example, spliffs are prevailing in Europe, while joints are considered useless and wasteful. In the U.S., joints are dominant; it is probably so due to the constant broadcasting of harmful side effects of tobacco, used in spliffs. Anyway, spliffs, blunts, and joints are only the basics of the art of rolling, and you have much more to explore.

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