Things to Do When You Are High

Things to Do When You Are High

If you used to think that marijuana smokers are lazy, then stop it. On the contrary, you may get tons of energy after smoking pot and not know what to do with it! So if you are trying to figure out what to do when high, then we are here to help you. Just look through the list of what to do while high, chose the most exciting thing for you, and enjoy.

1. Hiking or camping

If you are a resident of the PNW, then you know that camping and hiking are mandatory activities. There is something special and magical about uniting with nature when you are high. That creates an unforgettable experience. If you decide to choose hiking, then you had better choose a sativa strain. You will feel more awake while high on sativa, and you will not feel lethargic after you smoke. Though, if you prefer watching the sunset and singing near the fire, then indica will perfectly suit your nighttime campfire high.

2. Watch a movie

Many marijuana smokers like watching movies while high as the weed makes them seem more immersive. Weed can make you think deeper or laugh harder. It can also make you the perfect critic and philosopher. For this activity, we recommend you to choose indica-dominant strains so that you can merge with the couch and fully enjoy your film.

3. Visit a concert or music festival

Want to feel awake all night long? Then try sativas, and we assure you that the pure combination of weed and music will leave positive and breathtaking memories in your mind. Pre-rolls are your best friends at any concert, as you do not need to take time to roll a joint. More than that, you can share it with your friends to be in tune.

4. Do you like art?

Art plays a significant role in the lives of many people, but to understand it, some people need to make some efforts. Forget about it, as there is nothing more perfect than looking at art when you are stoned. Being engaged in art activities when your mind is absolutely opened is a real pleasure. Get involved and do your own little research to learn more about artists and their history. You will see and experience the masterpieces differently. Trust your mind and let it bind you with the greatest thing in the world—art!

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