Things to Do When High

Things to Do When High

When you have nothing to do, just get high and do the things you like to make both experiences much better. Well, at least some of them. Cannot think of any things to do when your high is at its peak? Well, that is not a problem! We have prepared for you five things to do when you’re high, and, what is even cooler, we have chosen the best strains you should smoke when doing them!

Ride the bike: White Widow strain

If bicycling is your most favorite pastime, then why not combine it with White Widow? Together, your favorite hobby and an awesome marijuana strain will result in a perfect afternoon ride in the city. Gather your friends and make a large group ride. This way, it will be safer. All the more reason to visit a San Jose Bike Party event you dreamed about!

Backyard barbecue: Sunset Sherbet strain

Sunset Sherbet is a perfect indica-dominant hybrid strain that has even outperformed the annual winner of the Cannabis Cup competitions since 2013—Girl Scout Cookies. The strain perfectly fits a backyard BBQ as it will immediately make you happy and really, really hungry. Forget about your ass stuck to the couch! Make food with your close friends, family or beloved. Have an unforgettable night!

Stargazing: Master Yoda strain

Who can resist a Star Wars reference when gazing at the stars. We guess, no one. The Master Yoda strain is no joke as being the cross of OG Kush and Master Kush, it will easily send you into space after the second hint. Find a place to get away from the city light and stargaze. Do not forget about blankets!

Listen to vinyl: Skywalker OG

Maybe it is a stereotypical high experience, but it is such a magical feeling to lie on the carpet stoned and let your favorite vinyl music go through your body. More than that, it is a great way to impress your lady stoner.

Hiking: XJ-13

Unity with nature means a lot for every person, and being in it when stoned is even better. Hiking while high may sound crazy, but it is worth it, at least for those amazing views of beaches or mountains that you will see.

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