The Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Consumption

The Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Consumption

OK, let us assume you are completely new to marijuana consumption. Here we have collected some essential things you have to know before beginning. In case you are an experienced smoker, this may serve you as a review that has the most important information. Also, we hope to add more details to your general knowledge.

The first thing that you need to know is consumption ways. Due to a huge variety, everyone can find something suitable for them. Two of the oldest ways are smoking and adding marijuana to food (salads, cakes, cookies, etc.); among the new ones, you can try vaporization and marijuana pills. Try as many as you can to find the best one for you. We advise to start with a classic way of rolling and smoking. After learning about what spliffs, joints and blunts are, you will understand what kind of effect you want.

The effect of marijuana depends on the strain (indica, sativa or mixture) and the content of the portion you consume. In case of vaporization and pills, you consume pure weed. As for the smoking option, your imagination can lead you anywhere (mainly, tobacco is used but it is not the only thing you can add).  

Here is some honest information about the effects. Marijuana can influence your body in two opposite ways. The first one is making you feel relaxed and calm—these are the indica strain effects. Another one makes you feel alert, awake, and full of energy, especially if consumed with tobacco. These are the effects of sativa. Consequently, indica is better for night use to fight insomnia, anxiety, and stress. As for sativa, itis more appropriate to use it during the day or before an all-night-long party as it can help you stay positive and energetic.

As for the side effects, there are a few serious problems you may face. They range from lung cancer due to inhaling hot air to mental diseases such as paranoia and memory disorders. Marijuana is not good or bad by itself—it depends on how you use it. And we believe that in case of mindful and careful usage, one gets all the pros and can maximally avoid the cons.

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