The Most Popular Hemp Misconceptions

The Most Popular Hemp Misconceptions

In general, the industrial properties of hemp are widely misunderstood. To clarify all of them here is a list of all the hemp’s characteristics.

It is a widely popular belief that hemp, recreational and medical marijuana are the same thing entirely. Yes, they belong to one cannabis family, but hemp differs from other similar plants by its low levels of THC. In fact, the THC content is so low that it barely reaches the 1 percent level. The way it is cultivated also differs from marijuana—the scale is commercial, because it is used in food and building industries.

The next misconception is the question of hemp plants gender. While many people believe that it is a solely male plant, it can in fact be both female and male. And the plant that is actually harvested is female because the other gender dies shortly after the pollination.

The most common myth (and the most crucial one) is that smoking hemp oil will get you high. Considering extremely low levels of THC content, it is impossible. It does not have any chance to be absorbed, so the body will not respond to it this way. Another stereotype, similar to the previous one, is that when you eat hemp foods, your drug test for weed will come out positive. Yet again, in reality, the low levels of THC will not influence any test in any way. The only effect that hemp can have on your organism is to provide the necessary omega acids for your diet.

While previously hemp fiber was mostly used as a material for ropes, today other parts of the plant are being used as well for various industrial purposes.

Some people speculate that illegal marijuana growers hide their crops in hemp fields. In fact, no experienced pot grower will bring hemp near marijuana at all because the plant will damage the quality and quantity of THC.

A tricky question is hemp’s legality. While it is considered illegal to buy hemp as a plant, the final products, such as food, clothes, and soap, are perfectly legal at the federal level. This results in the purchase of hemp from other countries, because now American farmers can not grow it themselves.

It is mistakenly believed that hemp can be used for everything. Of course, it is a rather good alternative to many products but it can not replace everything and save the world.

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