The Jamaican World Cannabis Cup 2015 on Rastafari Rootzfest: a great celebration of ganja legalization

The Jamaican World Cannabis Cup 2015 on Rastafari Rootzfest: a great celebration of ganja legalization

If you are wondering, where to spend your vacation in November, make sure you can make it to Negril, Jamaica. This is where the most significant cannabis-related event of the year is going to be held. The Jamaican festival will be the host of the Jamaican World Cannabis Cup 2015.

Try out the best cannabis and ganja ever

The World Cannabis Cup is an international event organized by the High Times magazine. The competition was being held in Amsterdam for the last 26 years. This year the event is moving to Jamaica’s Negril and its fascinating Rastafari Rootzfest.

Traditional farmers from every Jamaican parish will show their best herbs to the jury. At the end of the Jamaican festival they will name the best ganja strains on the island.

Moreover, on the last day of the Rastafarian festival, November 16, the winners of the High Times World Cannabis Cup 2015 will also be announced. The contest will be conducted earlier, in October, in California.

Rastafarians celebrate ganja legalization

This year’s Rastafari Rootzfest is going to be the first ganja-related event after the legalization of the drug. Ganja was decriminalized earlier this year, along with marijuana. The Jamaican Government recognized Rastafari’s rights to use ganja as an integral part of their religion.

The Government has also decriminalized marijuana possession, so now every adult person in Jamaica, including tourists, can possess up to two ounces of cannabis. Furthermore, according to Mark Golding, the Justice Minister of Jamaica, there will be an Exemption in Law that will guarantee festival’s attendees protection from persecution.

The upcoming festival is going to become the best event of the year for world cannabis community. There will be a lot of seminars, educational events, art and music.

Long Bay Beach Park was chosen as a perfect place for the fest. To join the festival and to enter the spirit of the magnificent Rastafarian ethnic event, you need to be older than 18 and to reserve tickets.

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