The Great Britain policemen will stop arrest small marijuana growers

The Great Britain policemen will stop arrest small marijuana growers

American justice continues to fight with people of their country, who are engaged in the production or proliferation of illegal marijuana. Meanwhile, the UK police officers announced about termination of fighting with small marijuana producers and concentrated their efforts on street criminals who are involved in the cannabis trade operations in large quantities.

A number of government officials outraged by the actions of Commissioner Ron Hogg of the County Durham, who said that the officers of his department will no longer spend resources to resist citizens who are growing cannabis indoors for their own use. Instead, all police forces will be focused to fight against drug dealers and organized crime, the level of which is at the critical point.

In an interview to Telegraph Hogg said that small -scale growers are not a threat and, therefore, are not a priority for the police. Instead of putting all these people in prison it’s better to take away all that they have planted and grown, rather than bring the case to court.

Crime statistics in England shows that for the last three years marijuana seizures increased by 45% it’s worth noting that in almost 100% of that cases, barely 50 plants of illegal marijuana were confiscated which is another proof that all the other arrests was against the people growing cannabis for personal consumption and not for sale on the black market.

The National Drug Prevention Alliance supposes that Hogg is wrong and his position will encourage people to grow more cannabis at home. But he argues that just trying to protect people from prison and reduce costs of the police. “Marijuana continues to be prohibited and the use of it is still illegal, but if you are caught you will have a chance to stop growing it,” said Commissioner for Northern Echo.

Hogg explained his position and said that he supports the legalization of medical cannabis, but still had some suspicions about side effects after using it.

“It makes no difference is marijuana legal or not, it can cause the same consequences as alcohol,” he admitted.

Today, for people living in Kingdom it’s the first and the last positive news on the way to the legalization of cannabis, because the government of the country does not intend to take any action in this direction in the nearest future.

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