The easiest ways to differentiate Cannabis sativa and indica

The easiest ways to differentiate Cannabis sativa and indica

Everybody knows the effects of marijuana on the body, but not all of us know that there are two kinds of cannabis — Cannabis indica and sativa. These two varieties differ not only in their appearance, they also alter our minds in different ways. Knowledgeable smokers will easily tell the difference.

You can differentiate them from the first look. Sativa is a tall plant with thin leaves and indica is small and bushy and has dense foliage with large leaves. Sativas love warm climate and grow in Mexico, Asia and Central America. They should be grown outside, the plant will flower in about 12 to 14 weeks. Indica, on the contrary, can be grown in harsh environments due to its native origins in the Kush mountain region (called Caucasus Indicus in Ancient Greek). The plant produces a lot of cannabinoid-dense resin thus protecting itself. It is suitable for the indoor growing. Indica produces the “harvest” quicklyin a period between 8 and 9 weeks. In warm climates its flower buds will be reddish.

The effects of smoking sativa resemble the energy you get from a cup of strong coffee. Smokers use this plant for a boost and to get increased creativity.

Indica’s influence on our body and mind is the opposite to sativa’s. The effect is much like a sleeping pill. It is used as a sedative and affects the whole body. Indica tends to be more relaxing. It is indica’s effects that cultivated the stereotype about a desire to eat after puffing. Indica’s odor is not a pleasant one.

Some people prefer to smoke sativa at daytime and indica at night. The latter is usually stronger than sativa and has higher levels of THC.

Today, people often crossbreed these two cannabis varieties to get some awfully strong hybrids. Kurupts Moonrock is considered to be the strongest marijuana hybrid with 51.2% THC rating. Of course, this kind of quality comes at high price—you can buy it for $25-$30/gram.

Each hybrid has its own effects on our mind and these effects can vary widely depending on the specific strain of marijuana.


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