The consequences of the cannabis legislation

The consequences of the cannabis legislation

Being a grown-up is not as funny as it seems, as adults have a lot of responsibilities and rules to follow. Among many rules the person should adhere to, there are those that deny to law abiding citizens the use of marijuana. Nowadays, the drug legislation is an important and controversial point in the U.S.

The changes in the law system bring the question cannabis use to a new level. The whole sector is slowly changing and it will influence families, careers and the insurance. The question is—how will we deal with the acquired freedom?

In the states where the cannabis is legalized you can work with THC in your organism which can stay in your bloodstream for about 2 days after getting high. Some U.S. employers will often request a cannabis drug test anyway as many companies do not approve of the liberal cannabis laws. Even if the legislation technically allows marijuana, you still have to conform to the rules of the place where you work. You never can be high at work or stink of cannabis. Social norms discourage people who are disrespectful or offend their more conservative colleagues. In any case, you are a professional, so keep your private life a secret. It does not mean that they can fire you for your “hobby” but not all people are in favor of these changes.

The issue of cannabis in terms of a family can become a cause of friction with more conservative family members. Try to consider whether your relatives can handle the truth before mentioning your marijuana penchant. Maybe you should leave it out of account. Families with children have more responsibilities. Should they even mention drugs in the conversations with their children? If you smoke or vape in front of your children, your behavior should remain appropriate. This way your children will address the cannabis issue responsibly.

In terms of the insurance, the most important question is how much you pay. The costs will not be unduly high, so you should never risk an insurance fraud.

You need to be thoughtful in all the above mentioned spheres. Set a good example for everybody.

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