THC Tincture

THC Tincture

Cannabis tincture is one of the greatest ways of consuming weed. Many marijuana smokers are still not familiar with THC tincture and THC pills, but it is nothing new at this point. You can make tincture right now using any alcohol you have. Yes, alcohol, it is not a mistake. The combination of marijuana and alcohol may seem a bit weird to you, but trust us, you will never experience such satisfaction from using weed as you will get from tincture. As you have no need to smoke the tincture, it is similar to other beneficial ways of marijuana consumption, like vaping and ingesting. By the way, tincture has another popular name—“green dragon,” and it is no wonder as before marijuana prohibition, tinctures served as an effective form of medicine. Although tincture is still underrated, nowadays, when cannabis is gaining more and more popularity and is cultivated almost everywhere, it is making its back way to the life of people who have lost hope in the traditional medicine.

How to make THC tincture?

As we have said, you do not need to be a pro with a long list of skills and experience to make cannabis tincture. A few tools and a bit of zeal is quite enough.

1. Before you start making tincture, you need to decarboxylate your marijuana. We will use flower, but an extract will also work great.

2. In a mason jar, mix your flower with pure grain alcohol. It has to be not less than 90% proof. For 1 g of flower, you need 35 ml of alcohol. Keep to this ratio. However, if you want to make a truly potent THC tincture, then go ahead and use 6 g of flower per 35 ml. Why do we use alcohol? The reason for that is its ability to separate cannabinoids from the plant material.

3. Leave the mixture for a few weeks up to two months, it depends on your preferences. Prepare a dry place for storage and do not forget to shake the mixture at least once a day. When you think the tincture is ready, try it, and you will understand whether it is the best for you.

4. When the soaking period is finished, strain the mixture and place it in a dark brown medicine bottle with a dropper lid and store it in a cool dark place. Enjoy!

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