Terp Juice—Most Potent Marijuana Concentrate

Terp Juice—Most Potent Marijuana Concentrate

Terp juice is claimed to be the most potent marijuana product that has ever existed. Its potency depends not on the THC percentage, but on the high amount of terpenes and phytocannabinoids that are found in its content. We bet this is the concentrate you do not want to miss, right?

What is terp juice?

Have you ever thought about why different cannabis strains have so many various tastes and aromas? Some of them are pungent, others have a sweet and floral taste. The main causes of such differences are flavor molecules, also known as terpenes—plant-based compounds of sappy resins. Each marijuana strain is unique and has its own terpenoid profile. Terp juice is a highly potent marijuana concentrate that contains a huge amount of terpenes. Compared to wax and shatter, terp juice has 60% more flavor molecules. Properly made terp juice is definitely one of the most flavor-intense weed products.

How to make terp juice?

Terp juice is made with the help of the widely known BHO extraction methods, but it uses only freshly cut materials or those that were flash frozen. The main reason is the immediate degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids after the plant is harvested. If you go straight to the extraction machine after harvesting, you will take advantage of the high terpene content in your fresh flowers before it begins to die. Due to the same principle, quick freezing of flowers immediately after they are cut keeps the terpene quality high.

Why should we care about terpenes?

The more knowledge we get, the more obvious the importance of terpenes becomes. As we talk about cannabinoids, we mean their influence on human body and mind. When terpenes are combined with such cannabinoids as THC and CBD, their medical properties can amplify. Here are some examples.

Myrcene: it is one of the most widely known terpenes in the weed resin, and it creates a musky, mango aroma. Myrcene has natural painkilling and sedative properties.

Caryophyllene: this type of terpene has a spicy aroma. In 2008, the researchers found out that this terpene acts as an activator of the same cell receptor sites that THC also activates. Due to this, caryophyllene is a great anti-inflammatory medicine.

Well, it is time to try terp juice and share your experience!

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