• How to Make Weed Wax?

    How to Make Weed Wax?0

    Today, cannabis is much stronger than it was before, in the time when our parents were growing up. In the 70’s, marijuana was all “dirt” and “brick.” It was so cheap that anyone could buy a couple of “bricks.” Our generation has an overwhelming amount of ways to consume marijuana, from smoking to ingesting and

  • Cannabis Wax

    Cannabis Wax0

    You have probably noticed how creative marijuana smokers are. To make sure it is true, it is enough to take a look at the list of weed terms. Baking, toking, hitting the hippie lettuce, ripping, bugging out, and so on. But you should really pay your attention to the new term that has been created

  • How to Make BHO

    How to Make BHO0

    Butane hash oil, or also known as BHO, honey toast, hash oil, wax, shatter, whip, erl, glass, honey, ‘tane and many other names, is one of marijuana products with the popularity that increases every day. There are so many reasons BHO attracts more and more attention. BHO may sound a bit scary to you, but

  • Smoking Different Concentrates: Rosin and Kief

    Smoking Different Concentrates: Rosin and Kief0

    Many marijuana enthusiasts know concentrates as “hash,” but most of what you can see today in the shops differs from the hand-collected hash that takes its origin from thousands of years ago. The old generation of cannabis users knows hash as bricks of blond or black color that were smuggled into the USA from Nepal,

  • Hash, Edibles, Wax, and Smoking Weed—How Do They Differ?

    Hash, Edibles, Wax, and Smoking Weed—How Do They Differ?0

    Do you enjoy smoking weed? Or do you use it as an effective painkiller? Or maybe you have never used it before and are only considering trying it? In any case, you will find this article very useful, as we are going to answer your main question: what is the difference between various ways of

  • Marijuana Vaporizers: Choose Wisely

    Marijuana Vaporizers: Choose Wisely0

    Have you received a doctor’s advice to treat your illness with the help of medical marijuana? Or are you the resident of the state where recreational marijuana is legalized? If so, we recommend to use a marijuana vaporizer pen for cannabis, as it will allow you to receive all the marijuana health benefits without the