• 6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

    6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis2

    Smoking and eating cannabis are two different ways of getting high. In order to avoid an unfortunate experience, you should know some basic information about each of them. The following six differences between the two ways will be useful both for newbies and seasoned consumers.

  • How to Vape

    How to Vape1

    Gosh, nowadays there are so many ways to consume marijuana that it is very easy to get confused. From edibles that come in absolutely different forms, like gummy bears and even chocolate, to ingestible oils, topicals, and THC tinctures—the list goes on and on. However, inhalation of cannabis is still the most popular form of

  • Herbal Vape Pen: Pros and Cons

    Herbal Vape Pen: Pros and Cons0

    If you are still not a user of the dry herb vape, then you will probably become soon enough. In America, there are almost 2.5 million people who are regular users of vaporizers, and the number is rapidly growing. If you still have no idea what a vaporizer pen is, then it is the right

  • Vaping Marijuana

    Vaping Marijuana0

    Many people have no idea what vaping is, especially those who have no experience is cannabis consumption. It is quite interesting that vaping is considered the most effective way to use marijuana as it delivers each psychoactive component of cannabis to the consumer while reducing the amount of possible toxins. As more and more states