• CBD Meaning

    CBD Meaning0

    Up till now, the scientists have identified more than 100 cannabinoids that are present in marijuana plants. Just a few years ago, among all marijuana components, the only one that received any attention was tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, over the past few years, the scientists have discovered the important cbd meaning. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is used

  • How to Come Down From a High (And Other Newbie Tips)

    How to Come Down From a High (And Other Newbie Tips)0

    You are visiting your best friend in California, and he offers you something that you have not tried since you were a student—marijuana edibles? Whether he has cooked them himself or has bought them in a store, there are some things that may go wrong. We will get you familiarized with the most important issues

  • Weed E-Juice Gains Popularity

    Weed E-Juice Gains Popularity0

    E-cigarettes have gained wide popularity among marijuana smokers. Generations of people have been waiting for a product that will allow legal and safe marijuana consumption. THC oil for e-cig is now available everywhere, and marijuana smokers are starting to turn from the tar-containing way of weed consumption to using cannabis vape juice. What is CBD-liquid

  • Girl Scout Weed

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    The Girl Scout Cookies strain has been one of the leaders on the weed market for a long time. The delicious hybrid is widely known for bringing an unforgettable creative hit and immediate physical relief. Most marijuana smokers like it for being an effective painkiller. But is the Girl Scout Cookies bud worth to be

  • Marijuana concentrates

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    A concentrate is potent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrated substance that resembles honey or butter. It can come in different shapes, sizes, and consistencies. It can be sticky, dry, soft, hard, and many other forms. There are different kinds of concentrates that are formed under different circumstances. Temperature, humidity, and physical impact can all influence the end

  • THC Tincture

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    Cannabis tincture is one of the greatest ways of consuming weed. Many marijuana smokers are still not familiar with THC tincture and THC pills, but it is nothing new at this point. You can make tincture right now using any alcohol you have. Yes, alcohol, it is not a mistake. The combination of marijuana and