• 6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

    6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis2

    Smoking and eating cannabis are two different ways of getting high. In order to avoid an unfortunate experience, you should know some basic information about each of them. The following six differences between the two ways will be useful both for newbies and seasoned consumers.

  • 4 Reasons Not to Classify CBD as Schedule I Substance

    4 Reasons Not to Classify CBD as Schedule I Substance0

    A few lines in the Federal Register released on December 14. 2016, made a lot of noise and worried everyone from marijuana entrepreneurs to medical cannabis patients to lawmakers. There was a new Administration Controlled Substances Code Number for “marihuana extracts” as they call it. DEA officials say they did it in order to make

  • Sensimilla


    Many people who do not grow pot wrongly consider sensimilla weed as a particular strain. But, in fact, it is just a form of marijuana with a higher THC content. The term “sensimilla” comes from two Spanish words “sin” and “semilla” meaning “without” and “seeds” respectively. So, translated from the Spanish language, the term “sensimilla”

  • CBN Cannabis and Other Neglected Cannabinoids

    CBN Cannabis and Other Neglected Cannabinoids0

    We are all familiar with THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that makes us feel high. But what do we know about other cannabinoids? Cannabis is no longer associated only with THC. The reason for that is the indomitable interest of marijuana connoisseurs in investigating cannabis and finding out what other molecules of the plant

  • Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

    Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis0

    What does marijuana plant look like? Is it the same as hemp? Does marijuana bring the same high as hemp? Can it be used medically? Here are the questions you have probably asked yourself in order to figure out what things make hemp and marijuana different. Keep reading to finally find out. Can hemp get

  • Synthetic Cannabinoids Dangers

    Synthetic Cannabinoids Dangers0

    Synthetic cannabinoids manufactured under different brand names, such as Spice, Kronic, Northern Lights, Blue Lotus, and others, are man-made psychoactive chemicals. Because of the similarity of these substances’ effects to those of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), they are often called “synthetic marijuana” or “fake pot.” However, as they affect the brain’s THC receptors more strongly, synthetic weed dangers