• Seed Banks

    Seed Banks0

    Nowadays, there are no problems with finding marijuana seeds. There have never been more options available to marijuana smokers. Marijuana seed banks, growers you are friends with, local dispensaries—that is just a small part of places where you can get the desired product. The easiest way is definitely to order seeds online in the local

  • Purple Haze Strain Review

    Purple Haze Strain Review0

    The story about Purple Haze’s origin is a bit mysterious and clouded. Many marijuana enthusiasts bind Jimi Hendrix’s song “Purple Haze” to the appearance of the strain. However, it is an incorrect belief, as actually, the star’s song was about the psychedelic effects of such drug as LSD. We just know for certain that Jimi

  • 4 Ways to Germinate Weed Seeds

    4 Ways to Germinate Weed Seeds0

    The key to a high-quality and big yield is the successful germinating of marijuana seeds. This stage means that you have to make efforts in order to help your seeds sprout. So, if your goal is  to grow healthy and strong plants, then you should start the seeds off on the right foot. Here are

  • Chemdawg Strain

    Chemdawg Strain0

    Chemdawg is a cannabis strain with a bit mysterious history. Sometime before 1991, a man named Chemdog purchased an ounce of an excellent cannabis for $500 at a famous outdoor amphitheater Deer Creek. Later, the man received two more ounces of weed in the mail, and there were 13 seeds in one of those packages.

  • Growing Weed Indoors: Simple Guide for Beginners

    Growing Weed Indoors: Simple Guide for Beginners0

    Are you ready for you first harvest that you can receive in just 12 weeks? Let us find out what you need for growing weed indoors. – Grow tent, or other designated space – Cannabis seeds – Light – Pots – Soil and nutrients – Water – Instruments for measuring the humidity and temperature –

  • History of Marijuana

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    Every year on April 20, people across the world gather together to smoke a joint and celebrate 420 day, or Weed Day. But do you know where cannabis actually comes from? Here you will find everything you need to know about your favorite plant. The birthplace of weed Smoking weed was “in trend” thousands of