• Medical marijuana legalization doesn’t increase the level of opioid addiction

    Medical marijuana legalization doesn’t increase the level of opioid addiction0

    Those states which allow the marijuana consume in medical cannabis dispensaries came to the conclusion: qualified patients have lower rates of opioid abuse and decreasing level of mortality because of overdose. The National Bureau of Economic Research has posted a publication in which they mention: if cannabis is consumed as pain killer in the states

  • Medical Marijuana: Morality vs Money?

    Medical Marijuana: Morality vs Money?0

    Horticultural experts from Southern University AgCenters in collaboration with Louisiana State University received a lucrative offer at first… but then it turned out that it might threaten their funding and seizes the whole production of best medical marijuana in the Creole State. Due to changes in law that were made in late June, 2015, and

  • “Gateway Drug” is not about marijuana

    “Gateway Drug” is not about marijuana0

    One of the last reports published by National Institute of Health, says that cannabis is not a “gateway drug” as was claimed by evil tongues. Probably the report says that teenagers who smoke marijuana do it for some personal reasons. Those teens who do it to “get high” can potentially decide to try stronger stuff