• 7 Tips for Hiding the Smell of Pot

    7 Tips for Hiding the Smell of Pot0

    The smell of cannabis is recognizable by most people. Although you might like its relaxing and comforting odor, there are some situations when the aroma of weed is undesirable. Below are seven tips that will help you mask the smell of pot.

  • 15 Secret Pot Nicknames to Say to Your Dealer

    15 Secret Pot Nicknames to Say to Your Dealer0

    Most weed dealers prefer to use code words for the herb. This security measure helps them avoid getting caught by the cops. The most common names for cannabis include ganja, jazz cabbage, and pot. However, these terms are left in the past, since many people can now guess their meaning. That is why it will

  • How to Get Free Weed? Join the Trump’s Inauguration!

    How to Get Free Weed? Join the Trump’s Inauguration!0

    The day of Donald Trump’s inauguration may become even more eventful thanks to the leaders of DCMJ, a pro-marijuana group based in Washington, DC. And it will definitely be one of the luckiest days for everyone who would like to get weed for free. The members of DCMJ announced an unprecedented weed giveaway that will

  • Dispensary Jobs

    Dispensary Jobs0

    As cannabis has already become legal for medical and recreational use in a number of American states, the marijuana industry is constantly growing and creating new jobs for many people these days. There is still a high demand for weed trimming jobs, but there are also many positions that go beyond marijuana growing and harvesting.

  • How Many States Have Legalized Weed?

    How Many States Have Legalized Weed?0

    On June 5, Ohio’s Governor Kasich signed the law to legalize medical marijuana use for treating specific diseases. Although the law requires the state to provide medical marijuana for its residents within two years, Ohioans have no right to smoke it or cultivate it at home for any purpose, including the medical one. A patient

  • Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

    Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized0

    As of today, 24 states of the USA and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana, though even now, the federal government classifies weed as a Schedule I drug with “a high potential for abuse.” Oregon was the first state to legalize weed in 1973. Since that time, 18 other American states have legally permitted