• Ganja Weed

    Ganja Weed0

    Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal Schedule I drug in the U.S. Due to its psychoactive effects on the human body, its use is being controlled. But what is ganja? Ganja is a female cannabis plant. The flowering part that you consume can also be called ganja, weed, and marijuana. So, cannabis has a

  • CBD Meaning

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    Up till now, the scientists have identified more than 100 cannabinoids that are present in marijuana plants. Just a few years ago, among all marijuana components, the only one that received any attention was tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, over the past few years, the scientists have discovered the important cbd meaning. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is used

  • Pruning Cannabis

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    If you are growing weed indoors this summer, we have prepared for you some simple tricks that will help you easily and quickly add a 20 percent boost to your perfect yield. A great technique for pruning cannabis plant will make your crop healthier and give it the power to produce more buds. Quite attractive,

  • How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?

    How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?0

    You surely want your marijuana to be as attractive as the Purple Haze plant, do you not? Turning your marijuana plants purple will make them eye catching and festive. You want to grow not just a plant with medical properties but also a masterpiece that will make people fall in love with it? Of course,

  • How to Clone Cannabis

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    Have you ever heard about cloning cannabis plants? Yes, it really sounds like mad science, but it is reality. More than that, the process of plant cloning has lots of benefits comparing to growing weed from usual seeds. Besides, cloning cannabis plants is much easier than growing them in the traditional way. What is marijuana

  • Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?

    Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?0

    Welcome to the world of cannabis! We have prepared for you a simple guide to help you understand how to easily differentiate indicas from sativas. They both have a unique shape, size, effects, and growing features. By the way, the crossing of these two species creates a special  type of cannabis plants called hybrids. So,