• Nevada Marijuana Laws

    Nevada Marijuana Laws0

    Since 2000, when Nevada allowed the use of medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for many serious diseases, the actual rules of drug consumption have been slow to follow. Today, sixteen years later, the cannabis industry in the state has finally created a well-regulated system that provides the patients with a legal right to buy

  • Marijuana Legalization in Texas

    Marijuana Legalization in Texas0

    Marijuana laws in Texas are probably the most strict ones in America. Marijuana legalization in Texas definitely has a long way to go. Nevertheless, the new law that allows physicians to prescribe non-intoxicating marijuana to patients who suffer from epilepsy could light the way for the medical use of marijuana in the state. At some

  • How Many States Have Legalized Weed?

    How Many States Have Legalized Weed?0

    On June 5, Ohio’s Governor Kasich signed the law to legalize medical marijuana use for treating specific diseases. Although the law requires the state to provide medical marijuana for its residents within two years, Ohioans have no right to smoke it or cultivate it at home for any purpose, including the medical one. A patient

  • Half of America Has Already Legalized Pot

    Half of America Has Already Legalized Pot0

    The residents of the half of the states have the right to use medical marijuana after Republican Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, signed the legislation this week, allowing patients with defined medical conditions to use weed as treatment. Ohio is the 25th state to legalize marijuana, not counting Washington, D.C. It is still too early

  • Arizona Medical Marijuana Legalization: Results

    Arizona Medical Marijuana Legalization: Results0

    In 2010, the voters of Arizona approved medical marijuana use by the ballot initiative. Arizona laws allow a patient with a specific disease to possess 2.5 oz of marijuana or to grow up to twelve cannabis plants. However, to have such a right, a patient with a “debilitating condition” should receive authorization from a professional

  • Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed?

    Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed?0

    People who donate blood can be deservedly called the heroes of our society. However, in order to maintain the blood’s quality, the medical extraction facilities have designed strict guidelines in order to choose only healthy candidates for blood donation. There is a belief that people who smoke marijuana are automatically disqualified from donating blood. After