• Blueberry Strain

    Blueberry Strain0

    Blueberry weed is a strong indica marijuana strain that slowly provides the smoker with a heavy body sensation. Medical marijuana patients like it for its effectiveness in dealing with pain and ability to bring the feeling of complete relaxation. The Blueberry marijuana strain takes its origin in Oregon. It is the crossing of Blueberry and

  • Dispensary Jobs

    Dispensary Jobs0

    As cannabis has already become legal for medical and recreational use in a number of American states, the marijuana industry is constantly growing and creating new jobs for many people these days. There is still a high demand for weed trimming jobs, but there are also many positions that go beyond marijuana growing and harvesting.

  • North Carolina Marijuana Laws

    North Carolina Marijuana Laws0

    Have you heard the term “decriminalized” when referring to cannabis in North Carolina? Do you know its meaning? Well, it surely does not mean that marijuana is absolutely legal in the state, because if it were so, then you would probably know about that, right? More than that, it does not mean that each resident

  • How to Buy Weed

    How to Buy Weed0

    Today, everything in our world is available and can be acquired with a simple push of a button. But what about weed? For those marijuana enthusiasts who do not know how to buy weed online—here we are to help you. We will provide you with a short rundown on how you can buy weed so

  • Medical Marijuana Laws in Arizona

    Medical Marijuana Laws in Arizona0

    In November 2010, the residents of Arizona were permitted to consume marijuana in case they suffered from the medical conditions we will mention below. Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is responsible for regulating the retail sale and use of medical marijuana. The legislation that made it all possible—Proposition 203—permits the patients with listed medical

  • Washington DC Medical Marijuana Laws

    Washington DC Medical Marijuana Laws0

    Washington DC weed laws were accepted in 2010, and since that time, the Department of Health of the district has been in charge of the local medical marijuana program. Just like in California, it is extremely easy to obtain medical marijuana in the District of Columbia. This explains the soaring amount of legally registered patients