• Why Did Colombia Legalize Medical Marijuana?

    Why Did Colombia Legalize Medical Marijuana?0

    For many years, Colombia has been considered the center of illegal drug trafficking. The United States, in its turn, along with the help of other countries, has supported the Colombian government’s efforts to stamp out this situation. However, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has recently enacted a law legalizing the growing and sale of cannabis.

  • All You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis

    All You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis0

    Nowadays, marijuana consumption is the topic of the hour not only in the U.S. but in many countries around the world as well. While recreational cannabis remains prohibited in many states, its medical use is gaining popularity. After all, the medical use of cannabis is nothing new. Not many know this, but the plant was

  • Fighting for Marijuana With Petitions

    Fighting for Marijuana With Petitions0

    The phenomenon of online petitions becomes more and more intriguing. A number of petitions that appeared on different platforms forced local authorities to change their minds over the questions of politics, healthcare, education, etc. Marijuana has all the rights to be included on that list. So, how can you change the cannabis policy in your

  • What Effects Does Marijuana Have On the Body

    What Effects Does Marijuana Have On the Body0

    A number of various studies proved that using cannabis regularly affects your body, brain, and daily life. What are the most notable marijuana effects on the body? AllWeedNews will tell about how consuming weed affects your entire life. Marijuana’s positive impact Marijuana is believed to be a medicinal plant that can help you deal with

  • Medical Marijuana for Kids: Pros and Cons

    Medical Marijuana for Kids: Pros and Cons0

    Although medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia, there are only a few states where medical weed is allowed for kids. The question of whether medical cannabis should be legalized for children and adolescents or not remains open. AllWeedNews summarized the available data about medical marijuana for kids so that

  • Australia Moves Towards Marijuana Legalization

    Australia Moves Towards Marijuana Legalization0

    One man can change everything, even when it comes to changing a law that remained unalterable for decades. Australia is changing its medical marijuana policy by providing new laws and initiatives. These transformations are a great news for everyone who is desperate to see marijuana legal and accessible to all those people who need medical