• How to Make Hashish

    How to Make Hashish0

    Nowadays, the cannabis market is full of different concentrates, like wax, BHO, and hash, that promise to change our medicine. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the world’s oldest concentrate: hash. We still do not know the exact origin of hash, though this marijuana product has been known for the centuries.

  • How Much Does Gram of Legal Weed Cost

    How Much Does Gram of Legal Weed Cost0

    If you still have never been to a legal marijuana market, then it is time to dive into it. Being a tourist in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, or any another state with legalized marijuana, it is important to know what strain to buy, how much to get, and where to buy it. You may run around

  • Fair Money for Ounce of Weed: Prices and Peculiarities

    Fair Money for Ounce of Weed: Prices and Peculiarities0

    As we know, the government of the USA still has not federally recognized cannabis as a legal drug that can bring health benefits and is much safer than alcohol and cocaine. Besides the harmful effects of marijuana, people usually ask how much it costs and where they can buy the cheapest kind to save money