• Alaska Welcomes Cannabis Cafes

    Alaska Welcomes Cannabis Cafes0

    Alaska is going to become one more destination for cannabis tourism in the near future. Cannabis for recreational use has been legal in this state of the U.S. for nearly a year. But it is only now that Alaska might start attracting visitors with a convenience nobody has seen before in America. In the middle

  • Fighting for Marijuana With Petitions

    Fighting for Marijuana With Petitions0

    The phenomenon of online petitions becomes more and more intriguing. A number of petitions that appeared on different platforms forced local authorities to change their minds over the questions of politics, healthcare, education, etc. Marijuana has all the rights to be included on that list. So, how can you change the cannabis policy in your

  • Australia Moves Towards Marijuana Legalization

    Australia Moves Towards Marijuana Legalization0

    One man can change everything, even when it comes to changing a law that remained unalterable for decades. Australia is changing its medical marijuana policy by providing new laws and initiatives. These transformations are a great news for everyone who is desperate to see marijuana legal and accessible to all those people who need medical

  • Smoking Stars: Celebrities Are Also Into Pot-Business

    Smoking Stars: Celebrities Are Also Into Pot-Business0

    Looking how severe the discussion about marijuana legalization becomes, it is interesting to look at the celebrities’ reaction. Obviously, no one wants to suffer the same fate as Chuck Rosenberg, the acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration, who recently called medical marijuana “a joke,” and now faces the consequences of his improvidence: a petition

  • Marijuana Majority Demands DEA Chief’s Resignation

    Marijuana Majority Demands DEA Chief’s Resignation0

    The officials should watch their language. An inconsiderate statement made by the acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration Chuck Rosenberg may cost him a job. Over 80,000 Americans demand President Barack Obama to fire Rosenberg and to hire someone who is able to respect “patients and voters.”

  • Marijuana May Fund Your Future

    Marijuana May Fund Your Future0

    Although the problem of cannabis decriminalization remains unsolved at the federal level, some states, cities, and counties in the U.S. start taking advantage of selling legal weed. The main benefit of marijuana legalization, obviously, is tax revenue.