• Illegally Legal Plant: Why Marijuana Is Still Outlawed?

    Illegally Legal Plant: Why Marijuana Is Still Outlawed?0

    The U.S. laws are quite controversial when it comes to cannabis. For example, the U.S. government continues to treat marijuana as a Schedule I substance, suggesting, among other things, that there is no medical use for the plant. But patients in over than a half of states participate in local medical marijuana programs and use

  • North Korea Attracts Tourists With Cheap Legal Cannabis

    North Korea Attracts Tourists With Cheap Legal Cannabis0

    Did you know that North Korea allows free cultivation, use, and sale of cannabis? Although many other substances remain illegal, every month, hundreds of Chinese tourists visit the country to buy weed in bulk shipments. Marijuana, also known as yeoksam, is classified as an oilseed crop and is absolutely legal in North Korea.

  • Ohio Weed Laws: Unfortunate Reality

    Ohio Weed Laws: Unfortunate Reality0

    Ohio weed legal framework took effect earlier this month. Unfortunately, since then, things have become even more complicated. Ohio, the latest state to adopt a medical marijuana program, is now dealing with many issues, from delays in its implementation to potential scams. The confluence of such problems threatens to create difficulties for the patients across

  • Ohio Marijuana Vote Brings Little Satisfaction to Consumers

    Ohio Marijuana Vote Brings Little Satisfaction to Consumers0

    The dream to legalize Ohio residents’ medical marijuana consumption has come true, though they are still unable to get the product, and that will be the case for at least a year, more likely for two years. Ohio’s medical marijuana law provides protection to its consumers as long as they have a recommendation from a

  • Ohio Legal Weed Program

    Ohio Legal Weed Program0

    Although new marijuana laws were officially adopted in Ohio on Thursday, this does not mean much for patients who need weed legalization immediately. In fact, there are no dispensaries in the state, and they are not expected to appear for another two years. This situation puts the residents of the state in a tough position:

  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized?0

    A group of British MPs claims that cannabis should be legalized because of its great therapeutic value. They state there is evidence that cannabis helps people deal with chronic pain and different psychological disorders, like anxiety and deep depression. However, the Home Office still classifies cannabis as a harmful drug that damages the mental and