• Hidden Hazards of Dry Ice Hash Use

    Hidden Hazards of Dry Ice Hash Use0

    If you are considering growing your personal weed plantation, you have definitely thought about growing weed indoors. It is a lot more convenient than growing marijuana outdoors, especially if you are aiming for a small plantation for personal use only. If you are growing indoors, you can control and adjust vital environmental conditions, such as

  • Growing Weed Indoors: Simple Guide for Beginners

    Growing Weed Indoors: Simple Guide for Beginners0

    Are you ready for you first harvest that you can receive in just 12 weeks? Let us find out what you need for growing weed indoors. – Grow tent, or other designated space – Cannabis seeds – Light – Pots – Soil and nutrients – Water – Instruments for measuring the humidity and temperature –

  • Weed Growing Tips: Soil, Water, and Nutrients

    Weed Growing Tips: Soil, Water, and Nutrients0

    Growing cannabis indoors is a process with many things that should be carefully reviewed. Even professional growers can face difficulties, as marijuana plants never follow the rules. Check out this tutorial to improve your cultivation skills or, if you are a beginner, to make a good start. Which soil and containers to choose If you

  • How to Grow Indoor Weed

    How to Grow Indoor Weed0

    Growing plants indoors is what a lot of growers would like to try. However, if you do not have a clean plan, everything will fail. The process is full of challenges, and that is why we want to share our knowledge on how to get through the most serious challenge of this experience—setting up the