• Difference Between Sativa and Indica

    Difference Between Sativa and Indica0

    Today, when the cannabis world attracts more and more people, smokers are curious about the difference between indica and sativa high. To understand that, we need to observe different aspects of these two different types of the marijuana plant. Keep in mind that some marijuana plants do not contain psychoactive components, while others do, providing

  • Sativa vs. Indica High Effect

    Sativa vs. Indica High Effect0

    Cannabis is considered one of the oldest plants on Earth, and it has two main types—indica and sativa. Most experienced smokers of marijuana not only understand the differences between these two kinds of weed but can also distinguish the plants. Plant Characteristics The main difference between sativas and indicas is their influence. Sativa affects the

  • How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?

    How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?0

    You surely want your marijuana to be as attractive as the Purple Haze plant, do you not? Turning your marijuana plants purple will make them eye catching and festive. You want to grow not just a plant with medical properties but also a masterpiece that will make people fall in love with it? Of course,

  • What Are Most Popular Weed Strain Names?

    What Are Most Popular Weed Strain Names?0

    All сannabis strains that have already managed to go viral all over the world come from one single plant. The varieties of this plant differ by their properties, such as color, taste, smell, and application. Marijuana critics analyze these properties in order to compile a comprehensive list of the best strains. Though critics’ views are

  • Sativa High vs Indica High

    Sativa High vs Indica High0

    As a newbie in the world of cannabis, you probably want to differentiate marijuana strains by their smoke, appearance, smell, taste, and high, right? Well, we can say that the strains’ difference in their appearance was always vivid. Almost all marijuana strains show plenty of sticky resin, though the smell will always differ. So, to

  • Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?

    Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?0

    Welcome to the world of cannabis! We have prepared for you a simple guide to help you understand how to easily differentiate indicas from sativas. They both have a unique shape, size, effects, and growing features. By the way, the crossing of these two species creates a special  type of cannabis plants called hybrids. So,