• Mini Bong of Your Dreams: Choose Wisely

    Mini Bong of Your Dreams: Choose Wisely0

    For those who are new to the world of cannabis, here is a short explanation of what a bong is. A bong is a filtration device that is used for smoking different herbal substances, like marijuana and tobacco. A small glass bong is in greater demand as users can take it with them wherever they



    Many smokers consider a glass chillum to be the best way to enjoy cannabis. A chillum, also called a glass one-hitter or a Chalice, is a pipe that was traditionally used for smoking opium and marijuana. It is a straight tube of a conical shape that has a side bowl indented for putting herb in

  • Glass Smoking Pipes

    Glass Smoking Pipes0

    Nowadays, you may find a lot of glass smoking pipes for sale. They differ in size, form, and design. But how are they made? Inspired artists spend countless hours to create something that is indeed perfect. There are dozens of cannabis glassblowers around the world; they can forge anything they find, from spoon pipes to

  • Badass Bongs

    Badass Bongs0

    A splash of creativity, a strong desire, a sprinkle of ingenuity—that is all it takes to make cool badass pipes and bongs. Forget your favorite book about a parallel universe, stop thinking about the release of the new iPhone, a more important issue is how you can get high when the need arises. Indeed, the