• 6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

    6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis2

    Smoking and eating cannabis are two different ways of getting high. In order to avoid an unfortunate experience, you should know some basic information about each of them. The following six differences between the two ways will be useful both for newbies and seasoned consumers.

  • Marijuana Edibles

    Marijuana Edibles0

    In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of marijuana edibles, weed drinks, and other marijuana-infused dishes. 1. Measured dosage For both medical marijuana patients and recreational marijuana users, dosage plays a significant role. Have you ever experienced a high from a too potent edible? What happens when you eat weed with a

  • Cannabis Recipes

    Cannabis Recipes0

    The time when people first found out that it was possible to cook their favorite dishes with marijuana was in Paris when Alice B Toklas entertained the artistic elite with her “Haschich Fudge.” Today’s cannabis recipes rarely use buds or flowers of the plant. Nowadays, to make a delicious weed candy or cookie, chefs use

  • How to Make Hash Brownies

    How to Make Hash Brownies0

    While weed brownies are certainly the most famous edibles, you may still find this page very interesting as it is the key to your success! You may ask how much weed for brownies you need to buy, but in fact, if you just take a bag of weed and throw it into a brownie mix,

  • How to Come Down From a High (And Other Newbie Tips)

    How to Come Down From a High (And Other Newbie Tips)0

    You are visiting your best friend in California, and he offers you something that you have not tried since you were a student—marijuana edibles? Whether he has cooked them himself or has bought them in a store, there are some things that may go wrong. We will get you familiarized with the most important issues

  • Cannabutter Ratio

    Cannabutter Ratio0

    For patients who use marijuana as a treatment for different diseases, a really strong marijuana edible is the only thing that effectively and quickly provides the necessary pain relief. As you know, all edibles require cannabutter, and the more potent the cannabutter is, the stronger the edibles will be. Today, you may find dozens of