• How to Clean Your Bowl

    How to Clean Your Bowl0

    Were you looking for the best way to clean your favorite weed bowl? Stop searching. In this article, you will find the answer to the most frequently asked question among marijuana smokers: “How to clean a bowl pipe?”. It goes without saying that there is nothing better than smoking out of a weed bowl for

  • Simplest Way to Clean a Bong

    Simplest Way to Clean a Bong0

    Looking at your bong and not recognizing that sparkling beauty that you bought a few months ago? The resin buildup is terrifying you? Do not know how to get rid of dirt in all those twists and turns in your bong? Do not panic! Below is a step-by-step instruction of how to clean a weed

  • It Is Cleaning Time: How to Make Your Bong Shiny

    It Is Cleaning Time: How to Make Your Bong Shiny0

    A bong is probably the most convenient appliance to smoke pot. It is very easy in use but not so easy to clean. After every crazy party, washing the bong becomes a real challenge. To avoid this unpleasant process, many cannabis consumers prefer using a homemade weed pipe. But to be honest, nothing can be compared