• 4 Tips for Including Cannabis in Dating

    4 Tips for Including Cannabis in Dating0

    More than half of American population express their approval of cannabis legalization. With numerous medical and recreational marijuana campaigns, it is becoming more and more popular among young people. Nowadays, cannabis has become a major mainstream topic in many states. And so it is starting to replace alcohol as a constant companion of gatherings with

  • Top 12 Cannabis Events in 2016

    Top 12 Cannabis Events in 20160

    2015 was a significant year in cannabis legalization history, and it made marijuana industry not only feel more secure but also develop all kinds of sub-industries, from creating a new cuisine to creating a new trend of cannabis wedding. This year is going to be really exciting as some promising events have already been planned.

  • Marijuana Majority Demands DEA Chief’s Resignation

    Marijuana Majority Demands DEA Chief’s Resignation0

    The officials should watch their language. An inconsiderate statement made by the acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration Chuck Rosenberg may cost him a job. Over 80,000 Americans demand President Barack Obama to fire Rosenberg and to hire someone who is able to respect “patients and voters.”

  • Marijuana May Fund Your Future

    Marijuana May Fund Your Future0

    Although the problem of cannabis decriminalization remains unsolved at the federal level, some states, cities, and counties in the U.S. start taking advantage of selling legal weed. The main benefit of marijuana legalization, obviously, is tax revenue.

  • Women Are Conquering Marijuana Industry

    Women Are Conquering Marijuana Industry0

    Nowadays, the issue of cannabis legalization is not the only burning problem. People are also discussing the ways in which marijuana industry ought to develop. With the legalization of marijuana we have a unique chance to build a brand-new modern industry more or less from scratch, according to the 21 century views and norms. For

  • Marijuana Legalization: Colorado Is Doing It Well

    Marijuana Legalization: Colorado Is Doing It Well0

    In one of his recent interviews, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was talking about the current situation with legalized weed. The Governor talked about how the State of Colorado is dealing with various obstacles, and problems that accompany the process of legalizing cannabis, and about all the benefits of marijuana legalization as well.