• Marijuana Cures Cancer—Truth or Myth?

    Marijuana Cures Cancer—Truth or Myth?0

    For many years, people have been claiming that marijuana helps them reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis oil and cancer are supposed to be closely related issues. Despite the fact that the number of success stories is increasing, the mass media is not taking this whole thing seriously. However, exceptions do exist, and one

  • Cannabis Oil for Cancer

    Cannabis Oil for Cancer0

    Since 1974, numerous studies have been conducted on the ability of marijuana to fight tumors. Can weed help cancer patients and how exactly does it work? Let us see what is the doctors’ point of view on how marijuana oil affects cancer. The answer lies in your receptors Your body is full of CB1 and

  • Why Did Bob Marley Die So Early?

    Why Did Bob Marley Die So Early?2

    Everyone remembers the year of 1981 when Bob Marley left our world. According to the official sources, it was malignant melanoma, which took his life away. In other words, Bob Marley died from an extremely dangerous type of cancer. How Bob Marley’s melanoma was discovered? The reggae legend noticed that something is wrong with him

  • Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body

    Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body0

    Nowadays, there are a lot of rumors about the medical properties of marijuana, CBD in particular. Some speculations even say that cannabis oil treats cancer. But you probably want some scientific proof to believe in this “magical” marijuana, right? Let us see if we can help you with that. Cannabis and ceramide The life cycle

  • Celebrities Who Smoke Medical Marijuana

    Celebrities Who Smoke Medical Marijuana0

    It is no wonder that there is a long list of celebrities who smoke weed. But unlike Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, who smoke marijuana for fun, there are some celebrities who need to use this drug for their health, whether to treat cancer or find rescue from severe pain. The necessity of the legalization of

  • Cannabis Oil as Treatment of Breast Cancer

    Cannabis Oil as Treatment of Breast Cancer1

    Scientists have found an overwhelming ability of cannabidiol (CBD) to “switch off” the gene responsible for breast cancer’s metastasis in the aggressive form of the illness called “triple negative.” This type of disease affects almost 15% of patients; it does not have those three hormone receptors that are targeted by most therapies that end up