• How to Avoid Using Synthetic Cannabis

    How to Avoid Using Synthetic Cannabis0

    Spice and K-2 are the most common names for synthetic marijuana. You have probably heard some of the terrible stories about K-2 and its impact on people’s health. Since cannabis is a profitable business segment, many companies and entrepreneurs are trying to create something resembling pot. However, synthetic marijuana is known for causing numerous serious

  • How to Detox From Weed

    How to Detox From Weed0

    It does not matter which way of consuming marijuana you are used to (smoking, ingesting, or any other), the result is always the same—a specific amount of marijuana stays in your body for a certain period of time. The problem is that the circumstances change, and any moment you can find yourself in a situation

  • Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body

    Effects of Marijuana on Brain and Body0

    The main chemical component of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC). According to the published research of the Potency Monitoring Project, since 1972, the average amount of THC has increased from 1% to 13%. Such potency makes it difficult to define the short- and long-term effects of weed. How can we consume marijuana? In 2010, the

  • How Much Time Does Our Body Need to Get Rid of Weed?

    How Much Time Does Our Body Need to Get Rid of Weed?0

    That is a tricky question that intrigues lots of marijuana smokers. The answer to this question is not simple, as THC, the element in marijuana that has the psychoactive effect on the human body, is fat-soluble, not water-soluble. If everything were vice versa, the marijuana would be completely gone from our bodies within days. Cannabinoids