• Backwood Blunt

    Backwood Blunt0

    There are different methods of marijuana smoking, but a backwoods blunt has become one of the most popular among them.   Backwoods are heavy tobacco leaf wraps used for rolling blunts—cannabis cigars.   There is a great variety of backwoods flavors such as wild rum, honey, grape, sweet aromatic, honey-berry, banana, dark stout, black ‘n’

  • Joints vs. Blunts vs. Other Ways to Smoke Weed: Which One Is Best?

    Joints vs. Blunts vs. Other Ways to Smoke Weed: Which One Is Best?0

    Everyone has their own preferences and taste: rolled, packed, vaped, or edible weed. Over the years, the stoner slang has become amazingly extended, and the number of ways to consume cannabis has significantly increased. It is one of those things that make marijuana use so enjoyable. Keep reading the article to find out four most

  • Dutch Blunt Tutorial

    Dutch Blunt Tutorial0

    After reading this cool tutorial, you will master the skill of creating a weed blunt that will make you proud. Get ready to make your blunt only in 28 seconds, just like a professional roller! If you are ready to learn, check the instructions below. Step 1. Cut and Remove If you still have doubts

  • Size Matters: Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs

    Size Matters: Joints vs Blunts vs Spliffs0

    Jack Nicholson, a world-famous Hollywood actor once said that only the replacement of a bad habit with a better one can break it. He used this phrase to explain why he switched from the regular tobacco cigarettes to cigars. It looks like most marijuana users have the same opinion and prefer blunts over joints. If

  • Simple Smoking Appliances You Can Make by Yourself

    Simple Smoking Appliances You Can Make by Yourself0

    Everybody knows the most common way of consuming cannabis—smoking. But there is more to try besides it. These additional—or, as they are usually called, optional—methods avoid smoking joints, blunts, and spliffs rolled in the traditional way and concentrate on chewing weed and tapping some specially designed smoking appliances such as homemade bongs, homemade weed pipes

  • Interesting Facts About Marijuana

    Interesting Facts About Marijuana0

    There has been a lot of buzz around marijuana lately, but from what people are saying one can mostly gather that they lack the basic and necessary knowledge about the plant. Here are a few facts about cannabis that might interest you. 1. Marijuana is made from cannabis plant. The term “cannabis” refers to any